#23 Life with Laughter: Aesthetics for your room!!

Hi! Today I’m going to be giving you guys 3 aesthetics that you can use for your room!! I personally love doing stuff to my room to make it full on aesthetic :)) On a side note, NEW VIDEO IS OUT – GO CHECK IT OUT NOW!!: https://youtu.be/WEAEicAQHxY – it’s not doing so well 😦 so I would appreciate it! Ok, on the post!!!

Beach aesthetic – this aesthetic makes your room flowy and soft, with a color scheme of light blues, greens and whites. The following are some things you can include in your room:

  • sheer sky blue curtains
  • a few white shells around your room
  • posters of relaxing oceans, fish, restaurants
  • green and blue pillows scattered on bed
  • text/board that says “good vibes” with polaroids around it
  • large mirrors/windows
  • small green plants/vines
  • keep this minimalistic and spacious!

A general idea – https://in.pinterest.com/pin/108790147237890393/

Peach aesthetic – This aesthetic includes marmalade oranges and peachy pinks. It gives your room a warm comfortable feeling! 🙂 The following are some things you can include in your room:

  • The key to this room is shapes. You need everything in different shapes to add variety. Try to get circular large mirrors and circular orange pillows, interesting decorations.
  • Green plants in pots are important as well, since they help balance out all the pink and orange. Pick a dark green color for your plants, and make sure to water them if they’re real!
  • Fluffy blankets! Get a white knit blanket too!
  • Try to use some basket/wood material for your shelves or decorations because they contrast well against the soft texture of everything else
  • Posters of flowers, quotes, anything!
  • A white/colored carpet
  • Round yellow fairy lights
  • Get big comfortable pillows & light curtains
The wooden structures are shown above!

Marble aesthetic – Ahh I just had to include this! You don’t really see this much around but basically this includes faux whites, grays, and of course, marble! Imagine this to be elegant, cute, simple, and Paris-like! The following are some things you can include in your room:

  • get small pillows with cute designs of them – stripes, eyes, zig zags
  • also get fluffy white carpets, blankets, etc to soften the room
  • preferably have a wooden or darker colored floor
  • sheer white curtains
  • a rectangle life-sized mirror
  • include flowers! – grayish-pink, fluffy white
  • have some large posters with simple things – like “vogue” or “dream on”
  • light fairy lights draping down
  • marble candles/decor
  • keep it simple!
  • you can add some colors to the marble if you’d like 🙂

Thank you guys so much for reading this, I hope it helped you guys! 🙂 make sure to check out my channel to see how I transformed my room, and comment down below what aesthetics you’re thinking. Byeeee have a great day!

bye xx


#21 Life With Laughter: Answering Your Assumptions!

Hiii fellow people!!! I’m already in the mood for Christmas because it’s literally my favorite holiday ever! Idk I just love something about Christmas movies, stockings, trees, hot chocolate when it’s freezing outside, and also Christmas songs!! (all i want for christmas is you, etc). Anyway just letting you know my next post might be something about that hahaha. But it’s a bit early to be doing that now lmao. So I totally forgot that there were some assumptions about me that I had asked for earlier so I’ll answer them today! I might do a part two as well 🙂


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You are a girly girl – I would say I’m definitely a mix! Honestly depends on the mood 🙂

your favorite color is purple – it’s not actually (despite my whole blog being purple lol). Orange and sky blue is my favorite color!

you hope to blog full time – I would like to blog a lot more often yes, but schoolwork has killed me so I don’t think I’ll be able to do it full time 😦 But definitely more frequently!

you only have a few close friends – yeah! I have many good friends but when it comes down to the people I trust, they’re only a few.

you love reading – I loved reading so much!! Unfortunately there’s hardly been anymore time for me to read ahh but I want to start again. I would appreciate any book recommendations 🙂

You have longish brown hair – Ooo lala you’re really close. I have blackish brown hair which is pretty long. I want to cut it short but I don’t want to regret it😂

U love sports – I love competitive swimming!! I also play badminton so that’s pretty fun. But I wouldn’t say I’m an athletic person.

U love math – yes!

Ur 12 – Ahh I know i come across as pretty childish when I write hahaha. I actually just turned 15! I still feel like a 3 year old inside though lol.

U have brown eyes – yep!

you like to dance – ok so I don’t know how to dance, but i really like it. I’ve done it a few times before and it’s so fun, I love the feeling of just having fun. But I look really weird when I dance hahaha

you have a drawing talent – I’m not as talented as many of my friends! I do like drawing crying eyes idk why I’m just a dark person hahaha. I’ll insert a picture below.

Your one of those people who can’t wait to go back to school to work and see teachers(or maybe that’s just me…) – HAHA. I like school, it’s pretty fun and the teachers are nice. But it also stresses me out a lot hahaha. But don’t worry you’re not alone 🙂

You seem to easily get into a conversation – I’m sometimes awkward, but generally yes!

You love animals (this might be obvious) – Yep, love them!

You love helping people – yes! I love helping my friends by giving them advice and stuff, it’s always really nice. I also like to focus on social problems, like female infanticide.

You’re an organized person – my desk? yes. my mind? not at all.

you have siblings – I have a brother who is 17 years old! He’s really tall and intimidating ahaha but in reality he’s just annoying (in my unbiased opinion)

you are quite tall for your age – I would say I’m slightly taller than average

you love fashion – ooo I’m honored that you think that but I suck at fashion😂 I still like trying new things and buying new clothes though!

You have hazel or brown or blue eyes, dark brown hair, no glasses – Brown eyes, dark brown hair, glasses (but I wear contact lenses)!

You have a boyfriend – nope hahaha

Your celebrity crush is Tom Holland – HAHA you nailed it! It keeps switching around though ahaha.

You’re an introvert – Yes!!! I still love talking to people though 🙂

You like aesthetic things – YEsssssss

You don’t like to stand out, you prefer to blend in – Hmm this one is hard. I’m often too scared about what others think so I try to blend it. On the other hand, I’m working on being myself more and putting myself out there (part of the reason I started this blog & youtube).

you want to be famous – HAHAHA I love this one. I mean I think the most important thing is happiness in the future. But likeee, do I sometimes pretend I’m in the oscars, walking down the red carpet with Tom Holland and other famous people? Yes.. but everyone does that right? Right guys?…

That’s enough for today’s assumptions! Hope you guys liked this post and make sure to check out my youtube channel as well! Byeee

xx bye


#20 Life with Laughter: My first youtube video!!

Hey guys!!! I published my first youtube video – room transformation *pinterest inspired – https://youtu.be/gaVBMCsDVoM

It’s a room transformation video!! It’s not drastic or anything but it’s really fun 🙂 I do not have a proper camera yet so that’s why the filming is weird at first, but it gets a lot better towards the end. Alsooo the account has my real name and face on it which I don’t mind at this point, so just letting you guys know Kate Allen isn’t my real name to avoid any suprises😂 Anywayyy make sure to go subscribe and like my youtube video since I’m really looking forward to making more videos 🙂 Comment down below any future video ideas you want to see from me, and make sure to share my channel with your friends!!!

byeeee xx


#19 Life With Laughter: A Very Very Late Update…

HIIIII. Omg I know it’s been a month and I feel SO SO bad. I missed so freaking much because I’m really bad at time management but I don’t bother to do anything about it😂 This is a general update about me because a lot can happen in a month’s time. Who knows, maybe I’ve become tik tok famous overnight. Hahaha no that’s not happening because I suck at dancing or even looking cool in general 🙂 Ok I’m going to stop talking and get into this update ->


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  • I’m also almost reached a 100 followers yay!


I kind of hate school:

School is honestly defeated me at this point. Balancing four APs, IB french, two research papers, the ACT, AND trying to stay sane as a 15 year old has definitely been a challenge. My french teacher still hates me for some reason😂 It’s very concerning. Anywayyy we have many breaks coming up like Thanksgiving, conferences and stuff so yayy hopefully November is not as bad.

Youtube channel update:

So remember how I said that I wanted to start a youtube channel? Okay, I’ve finally made up my mind and decided to do it because I just love adding extra work to my plate 😛 So basically, it’s going to be lifestyle stuff, the things I typically like to watch. Once I start it, I’ll link it on this blog so you can guys can check it out! 🙂 It seems pretty complicated actually to start and post consistently especially considering I SUCK at time management😂 I’m trying to make my first video now and I’m soo awkward on the camera ahhhh, but hopefully it gets better!

I’m not perfect:

This is like a random 2am thought but this is a realization that I think is really important for people to understand (also i need to rant lo). I didn’t do so well on one of my english tests, and to be honest, it made me feel incredibly bad about myself. I would constantly think to myself that I’m stupid, or that I’m to distracted with other frivolous things. I would convince myself that I need to get perfect grades, have a perfect personality, a perfect appearance. Worst of all, I believed this goal of perfection was possible. I never used to be able to realize that this goal that everyone strives for is intangible. The definition of perfection is, in truth, utterly flawed because it misses one of the most important quality of someone: being human. Everyone makes mistakes in life, weather it’s in an English test or letting someone down. These mistakes, our tears, our pain, our guilt, our happiness, our emotions are all what makes us human. It is not fair for us to dwell upon our mistakes and look down on ourselves because we are not what society wants us to be. Don’t let anyone make you feel any less valued than you really are. It is time we realize that our imperfections are what makes us perfect just the way we are. OK DONE WITH THE CHEESINESS :))))🧀 (I should be a philosopher)


I literally could not go outside to get candy or any decorations, so I just manually made them instead!😂 I’ll try to upload some pictures if I can. I made like a paper pumpkin and I’m really proud of it even though it looks like an orange eek. What did you guys do for Halloween?


Favorite Movie: This month would be a bollywood movie I watched which I really loved, it’s called Kal Ho Na ho!

Favorite TV Show: The office remains at the top of my list hahaha. But the Originals is SO SO SO good, I cannot stop watching it. It’s a really mature show compared to the vampire diaries (which I still like) and I love all the characters and the plots. I would 100% recommend it!!

Favorite Book: I don’t read anymore unfortunately. I am doing a LOT of reading on US history though which I find so freaking fascinating. I swear I used to SUCK at history, but once you understand how everything connects to one another, it’s pretty cool. But don’t be fooled by my optimism, I’m literally four chapters behind😛

#18 Life With Laughter: Reviewing (basic) movies and tv shows!

Hey people!!!!!!!!!! Omggg I’ve been so inactive lately. For this new year, my school has actually organized and had time to plan out online learning, so now we have to do actual work 😦 I’m such a brat lolol but I’m glad I can be back at school!!!

Today I’m going to review movies and tv shows! I love to watch everything on the internet – weather its comedy, thriller or romance because in my opinion, if you watch a lot of stuff then you always have something to talk about people. That way you won’t actually have to make an actual conversation! Jkjkjk please do not learn any life lessons from me 🙂 

Anyway, let’s get into reviewing teen movies yayy jazz hands.



I really like the title of the movie, I think it perfectly reflects so many annoying people in my school. Ok ignore that I’m being petty😂. So this is about a girl named Cher who tries to set up her friend, Tai, with one of her best friends. But then the plot was like nah I’m gonna yeet out of here, so there was a plot twist. So then everything starts to go out of hand and everyone just starts to cluck around like clueless chickens.

What I likee:

  1. I really love this movie because it has a fashionable cool aesthetic ya know like it just has a vibe. I like vibes. Like I told my brother I wanted to make my room an aesthetic of chalk, and he was like why do you want a blackboard. How can he not understand what a chalk aesthetic means?!! 😠 Like come on guys, chalk itself defines everything. I’ll stop now hahahaha
  2. The characters are really dynamic people so you can really see their layers of development and personality
  3. Cher’s hair
  4. The theme is kind of deep like how Cher’s idea of selflessness still somewhat is selfish. It really shows how being selfish is apart of human nature, but of course that’s not an excuse to act like it.

What I don’t:

  1. The plot is a bit predicable but I love it anyway😝

Gossip Girl:


So this is about rich people who live in the Upper East side, and the problems and “scandals” I guess they go through. There’s Serena, who is the main character, and Blair, Chuck, Nate, Dan (who?), and other people. It’s six seasons long and I’d recommend the first, second and third season, but of course the rest are good, just not as good since things start going out of hand😂 Also why does everyone in the picture look saucy, I love that picture, omg I need to stop calling things saucy.

What I like:

  1. Blair is such a great character: she’s fierce and badass but she owns it. She has high goals and works incredibly hard. As the show progresses you’d get attached to her more and more. She stole the whole show (wait is that the saying or am I just saying weird things).
  2. The non judging breakfast club idea, where Nate, Serena, Blair and Chuck are together has weird dynamics but is wholesome.
  3. I love all the subplots
  4. CHAIR!!!!!!!!! – Okay I know I’m going to get a LOT of hate for this since it’s controversial. I know Blair and Chuck’s relationship is toxic, however I’m judging it based on how much they loved each other because they grew mature together. I’m not saying their relationship was perfect because it absolutely wasn’t and I didn’t like that the show romanticized aggressiveness. I still like the fact that they apologized to each other and were really happy together. They both grew as characters as well. They’re really cute too, I love them. It’s all right if you don’t agree with me, but let’s just keep it positive 🙂

What I did not like:

  1. WHY did Dan even end up with Serena honestly ugh. Go away Dan. He hurt so many people.
  2. The show got a bit weird in season five and six lmao 

The Office:






I just started watching this and I already love it. I can’t believe something set in an office could be made to be this funny. It’s just a sitcom type of thing and it doesn’t have a laugh track, so nothing gets repetitive. I can’t wait to binge watch this while sitting alone at home crying about the fact that I haven’t found my Jim 😂

What I like:

  1. Micheal – At first I thought Micheal was annoying and weird. But after a while I realized that he was just a giant teddy bear that we must protect. I love how happy he gets when the people at work invite him to parties😂
  2. Jim and Pam – OMG why are they so adorable it’s so preciously cute ahhhhhh. Let me fangirl no one stop me. I love that they’re friends and how they whisper to each other it’s SO cute. Like seriously where’s my Jim. Find him for me. I’ll give you money. Jkjkjkjk that got dark let’s not go there 😂
  3. Dwight – iconic 
  4. Style of filming – I really liked the camera man style. It was pretty unique and I liked how it was natural and added awkwardness to the show. And also I liked that the characters didn’t pretend the camera wasn’t there if that makes sense? Like Micheal always tried to be “cool” around the camera I honestly laughed too much ahahahaha
  5. The dinner party!!

What I did not like:

  1. Andy and angela were a bit weird lol
  2. They could have added more character to Angela in the first few seasons
  3. Micheal leaves 😦

The Vampire Diaries: 

To be honest, I was never really into vampires and stuff, I just didn’t find it too appealing. However, after watching this I changed my mind. This is about Elena Gilbert, who is a human and the main character. She starts to date Stefan (on the right), who is a vampire. After that, all the vampires and witches and werewolves in the back was like noice, and Elena’s world changed. The main characters are Damon (vampire on left, hot, jk, it’s true though), Bonnie (her witch friend), and Caroline (innocent character who turns into a vampire). They’re a lot of twists and turns in this tv show!

What I like:

  1. Klaroline – Okok I know this isn’t supposed to be the main ship but I really really love them. I don’t even have an explanation I just love it. No words needed.

2. Villains – Yo the villains are soo freaking cool. I love Katherine, Klaus, and Kai they’re freaking amazing.

3. Plot twists – The plot is really engaging in the first few seasons and I promise you, you’ll be at the edge of your seat. Or you’ll fall off because you’re clumsy like me 🙂

4. Humanizing characters – So, at first I thought I would be scared of vampires and all that because I mean, they like to drink blood?! But all the vampires, like Stefan and Damon (main vampires), were portrayed as such real people who have emotions that I wasn’t scared at all. I got used to some blood and stuff! And I’m scared of everything (like my mom and math), so considering that I found it ok, don’t worry about it!

What I didn’t like:

  1. The love triangle – it was a bit redundant after a while and I think they should have introduced new people instead of dragging things on sometimes.
  2. I know a lot of people had problems with how characters kept coming back to life, but I actually thought that a lot of people died. I feel like the pain for Elena and Jermey would have been so much since so many people died, but it was kind of brushed aside.
  3. The 5th season onwards – I really liked the whole series, but I do think 1, 2, 3 and 4 were the best!

Jane the Virgin:

Sooo I watched like one season of this so I don’t think I should start judging it. But I’ll do it anyway because I’m a rebel. *awkward zoom in* So this is about a girl named Jane (duh), who becomes pregnant from an accidental insemination, even though she’s a virgin!😱 So the love triangle revolves around this guy named Micheal and Rafeal. It’s a telenovela, a drama network mainly in Latin America.

What I like:

  1. The latina cast – I really liked the diversified cast in this show!
  2. Jane – Some people say she’s annoying, but I actually find her hilarious. I love when she walks around in her mermaid costume in the hotel lolol
  3. The mystery – There were some mysterious deaths and scandals which made things spicy, no saucy, no spicy is a good word
  4. The mother and father – I forget their names ahaha but I really liked their story. The father was SO funny and they just added a really nice touch to the story
  5. Micheal and Rafeal – They both were really nice people!

What I didn’t like:

  1. The love triangle – Ok, so personally, I wasn’t a huge fan of the triangle itself. I think it was mainly because I only watched the first season, but let me know if you think I should keep watching it! I still loved Jane with both of them individually.

Dance moms:

Ok so I don’t know if this counts as an actual tv show since it technically happened, but I’m just going to include it anyway. This is about a dance studio which is run by Abby Miller, where she trains a bunch of dancers to compete in dance competitions. The show also has the moms of the children there, so there’s a lot of drama. The children are age 7-14 in the first seasons, and some of their names are Maddie, Chloe, Kenzie, Nia, Paige, and Brooke (these are real people!) You guys might know Maddie and Kenzie Ziegler – Maddie was in Sia and released a makeup palette, and Kenzie was in Total Eclipse and has done a lot of other things. JoJo Siwa was on it too.

What I like:

  1. The girls – I honestly love them in the first seasons. They were all so pure, sweet and their friendship was just adorable. My favorites would be Chloe, Maddie and Kenzie! I agree that Chloe was sometimes neglected by Abby, and she was an amazing dancer. I loved Maddie even though the show made her look like a brat (I don’t think she was). Kenzie is just iconic and adorablelele.
  2. The drama – I feel like I shouldn’t enjoy the drama because the kids cry half the time, but I love the mothers’ petty fights. Like honestly I feel like such a bad person but the drama is hilarious.
  3. The dances – Honestly, I’m really dumb when it comes to dance. I’ve mentioned several times that my attempt of dancing resembles one of a twerking kangaroo. However, despite my dancing skills, I loved the dances in this so much! They wanted me to become a dancer, like seriously.

What I don’t like:

  1. Abby’s treatment – I didn’t really like all the yelling and slightly toxic environment the show had portrayed. This was probably to create more drama, but all these girls are really hardworking. I would have cried the whole time😂
  2. Cathy – I know Cathy was supposed to be the villain in this, but she’s annoying😂


Thank you guys so much for reading this if you’ve gotten this far!!! I loved reviewing these and I’ll definitely look into a part 2, so you guys can recommend any tv shows you want me to watch! (I’ll probably finish them pretty fast because I will most definitely procrastinating my work). Sorry it took me so long to post this 😛 I’m looking forward to catch up with all of your guys’s posts as well!

Adioss xx,

~ Kate🍭

#17 Life With Laughter: A Masquerade Ball Gone Wrong

His guys!!!!!!! I have been so inactive because of school yay zoom meetings are so fun. I just watch youtube but it looks like I’m paying attention (at least I think it does). Yeah I’m definitely going to get into trouble but I did the same thing in school so it’s cool! Just before we start, just a reminder to comment down below your assumptions about me since I’m going to make a post about that later! (hint: assume that I’m amazing ok bye).

Anyway so today I sat down and decided that I should be serious for once in my life because I’m just dark and mysterious like that. So this is a true story with real people and experiences, however with fake names. It’s just bringing societal or personal problems (specifically depression) into attention since I think they’re important. We should all be self aware about these things since ignorance can hurt people, as I’ve encountered before. Disclaimer: I was young at the time this event happened, so I was not self aware at all. I’m sorry if I come off as a terrible person, but I’m okay with writing about my flaws. Again, I apologize if I offend anyone. You guys are all so beautiful and loved, and you are going to be so successful and happy when you grow up. I value each and everyone one of you and will support you no matter what♥️ Ok let’s gooo.


A Masquerade Ball Gone Wrong:

I would call life a masquerade ball. An arrangement and gathering of people, who all wear slightly different and striking masks. Some are swan black and shimmering, some are prickling and red, and some are delicate and gold. Some people seem confident, some are temperamental, some are quiet. We all have learned to perceive others based on their masks of happiness, tranquility and some form of individuality. However, it was only until 8th grade, on a humble innocent field trip, when I realized there always exists a terrifying truth hidden under that illusionary mask. 

The train to Rishekesh rumbled and roared on the rocky railways. I was immersed in a crossword puzzle of the locations the long windy train had passed by so far. Three of my friends, Mira, Zoe and Rina were singing on the top of their lungs. Their happy voices made me smile too. I liked when others were happy. Despite their drunken-like singing, I continued to scribble on the crossword. Zoe glanced at me. 

“Why have you spent the whole train focusing on a crossword puzzle? You should have more fun in your life.” Zoe snapped at me. Her condescending nature did not alarm me. It was just the way she was. Introducing Zoe Smith to the masquerade ball! Tall and proud, long red dress, deadly eyes, and a mask made of slick bird feathers, lined with prickly red and white rhinestones. 

“I don’t know. I like puzzles…” I mumbled. Introducing Kate Allen to the masquerade ball! Average and timid, simple white dress, pearl necklace, soft eyes, white and gray mask, with blunt white rhinestones. 

“What should we do with the drunken sailor, what should we do with the drunken sailor!!!” Mira continued to screech. Introducing Mira Chine to the masquerade ball! Average and confident, extravagant dress with layers of the color wheel, dangling blue feather earrings, flamboyant silk blue and pink mask, with sparkling excessive rhinestones. 

“No offense but your singing really sucks,” Zoe blankly stated.

“Why thank you so much Zoe!!!” Mira replied, her face gleaming with pride. 

“You guys are hilarious,” Rina said through laughs. Introducing Rina Hamai to the masquerade ball! Tall and jubilant, daffodil colored dress which ripples like the sun, gentle flower in her golden hair, sunflower like mask, and sparkling white rhinestones to balance out her joyfulness. 

“There’s nothing funny about it,” Zoe snapped back. “Kate, you seriously look depressed.” Not sure how to react to that statement. I wanted the words to evaporate and disappear as they always do. Instead, the absence of Rina’s cued laughter made all of us uncomfortable. I looked over to Rina. 

“Is everything okay?” The train kept rumbling and moving along. Rina shrugged and looked over at Zoe. 

“You shouldn’t make jokes about depression,” Rina stated. A bell started ringing and growling in my ear: silence. I saw Mira gaze out the window. The enthusiastic drunken snappy mood of the singing had died down into our worst enemy of awkwardness. There was no music left in our masquerade ball. I would have said something, but no words came out like always. Zoe’s eyes were glittering. Rina just continued to stare down at her hands. It was the first time in a long time I’ve seen the happiness sucked out of her. 

“I wasn’t even trying to hurt anyone,” Zoe rambled. “It was just a joke. You’re always trying to make me look like the bad person. I didn’t do anything!”

“Oh my god, of course you’re the bad person Zoe,” Mira snapped. I rolled my eyes at her excessive painful comments, which are for the sake of drama. 

“What’s going on Rina?” I asked. Rina shrugged. 

“I have depression,” she whispered. Right at that moment, her mask had shattered. She revealed the ugly truth inside her beautiful sunflower shield she used to wear. It was frightening. The word “depression” stung the air like a bee. It was heavy, like an anchor large enough to pull down an entire ship. I never used to think about depression. It was always a thing I pushed aside. I took a slow gulp and tried to digest everything. All I could focus on was on Rina’s eyes. The twinkle in her eyes was gone; it is now filled with pure heart aching sadness. I knew how to react in a way: be comforting, say we will support her, talk to her, etcetera. However, I knew I couldn’t say anything. It might be wrong. I need to blend in like always, with my gray mask. Mira and Zoe were so silent too. Finally, one of them spoke up. 

“I’m sorry Rina,” Mira squeaked, like a timid mouse. 

“It’s my own fault,” Rina replied. 

“Why are you depressed?” Zoe blurted. I sighed, but stayed silent. I don’t understand it. Depression depression depression. We’re young, how can we get depression?

“Religion, sexuality, location, family acceptance, so many things,” Rina said vaguely.

“Oh,” Mira said dryly.  I could see her fingers twitching. I guess even the bravest of performers get frightened once in a while.

Silence struck again, singing to us in her slithery slow voice. It’s killing me. You’re not supposed to take off your mask in a masquerade ball. We’re just here for a good time. What was I thinking? Did I not want Rina to confide in us? Or was there some comfort in not knowing what’s underneath the mask? Are any of my other friends depressed?

“Did you ever try to… “ I started to say, my words flowing cautiously. “Try to-” I stopped. Zoe and Mira were staring at me, and almost judging my question. “Have you ever try to kill yourself?” I finally said. The question was so absurd for us pathetic teenagers on a school field trip. Of course she didn’t try. She couldn’t!

“Once yes,” Rina said, speaking quite fast now. “I took a knife at midnight and held it to my neck and I was about to kill myself and I started freaking out and crying- there was some blood but I didn’t know what to do – so i just kep crying – and then my mother came in and she was so scared and we both just stayed up crying – and now I don’t know what to do – I tried to talk to a counsler but she made me feel worse and now I hate myself for making it a big deal.”

“That was quite a rollercoaster,” Zoe said, smirking. Mira gave her literal dagger eyes. My eyes stung and I started to raise my voice.

“You’re not depressed. How could you be? You’re happy all the time. I’ve seen you laugh. You’re the-” I paused trying to catch my breath, “you’re the happiest person I know. Is that all an act?” Mira and Zoe nodded, as if we had made a groundbreaking scientific discovery. I tried to calm down as I gazed into Rina’s lifeless eyes. 

“Yes it’s an act,” Rina whispered. “I mean no it’s not. Yes, it is. I mean- I feel happy when I’m around you guys, but seconds later I feel sad again. Like my “default setting.” She wasn’t Rina anymore, daffodil dress, golden hair, happy smile and sparkling mask. She had taken all of that off. She now looked like a plain ghost with sad tears. The awful awkward silence continued for a minute or two.

“You’re not depressed, Rina. You’re feeling sad,” Mira said, reassuring herself.

“Mira,” Rina said looking into her eyes. “I am. Believe me. Please believe me.”

“How can we help?” I asked Rina. 

“Just treat me like happy Rina again. I like it that way. I know I’m lying to myself, but I’m figuring it out. Please don’t treat me differently.” 

We all knew that wasn’t going to happen. What Rina had told us had changed our relationship with her forever. I wouldn’t say it made our friendship deeper. I was too young to realize that. It made it more difficult, painful and very very awkward. Despite Rina’s efforts, she never reminded me of a twirling Bella at a masquerade ball ever again. She reminded me of the forbidden ghost who would gloom in the corner, as she was punished for taking off her mask. Rina did not follow the rules. Ever since the heart aching train ride, I had almost stopped being friends with her. She moved away the year after. Forever. We never called her. We never texted her. She never talked to us ever again. Yes, we let her melt away. I cried. 

It was extremely unfair for me to even think like that back then. But then again, I was young and naive. All I ever wanted to do is have a wonderful night at the utopian masquerade ball, where everyone hid their ugly truths for the sake of happiness. However, when I entered highschool, I realized this goal of mine will remain a fantasy. I realized a lot of my other friends experienced depression, problems with their sexuality, abuse from their parents and even harassment. More of these unspoken truths started to pop like bubbles around me. It became clear to me that these truths were not a burden, or something that needs to be hidden by normality. It occurred to me that living in my fantasy of a masquerade ball prevents me from understanding the one thing I need to learn in life: masks only make you beautiful, what’s underneath is what makes you strong. It’s funny how I learned such an important life lesson, in a small rumbling train to Rishikesh. 


~ Kateeeee 🙂

#16 Life With Laughter: June Monthly Wrap Up! 🌟

Heyyy guys!!! Ok ok I know it’s July but it’s still June in my heart because I really wanted to do a monthly wrap up so I refuse to believe it’s July. I can see why people find me annoying. Anyway, first of all thank you everyone who got me to 50 followers. It’s an honor to be this famous. *applause for a few hours*. Jokes aside, thank you everyone for supporting me I’m so grateful! Okay that was too much cheese let’s go.


  • I will be doing an assumptions about me post pretty soon so feel free to comment those down below! I might not approve them so it’s a surprise when I post it (wow I’m so cool) but I might so feel free to comment down below 🙂
  • Please follow @youth_for_animals on Instagram, it is a animal welfare non profit organization which I have started, and I would really really love it if you could share and follow this account.
  • Follow my account @kateee5002 on Instagram too!


I was kind of threatened:

So it was a regular day I was doing my usual stuff like crying over gray’s anatomy and chuck and Blair. Then suddenly I got a notification, tan tan tan!!!! It was from my long lost Animal Rights Community group, which I had signed up for months ago. And I saw that I had a comment under my profile? It was a woman, the first female chief executive of the United Bank of Africa, and she had said she had to discuss something urgently. And I knowww I’m stupid, like do not trust strangers on the internet, but I searched her name up and she was legit! So, stupid naive me emailed her and asked her what she wanted to talk about…. She REPLIED and I screamed. She RESET the subject of the email (who resets the subject of an email???? I’m getting triggered😂), and she reset it to “I’ve been waiting for your response…” Okay, that’s literally so creepy. In her email, she said that she wanted to transfer me money, and I knew that was a scam. But THEN, she proceeded to have the audacity to say my name, she was like “Kate, I have a family and I know you do too. We have to work together or we’ll both get hurt.” WHY was she scaring and threatening me. I almost died of fear. I actually thought she was a legitimate person because it sounded really serious. However, I did some research and it turns out there’s a scammer who sends this to everyone on the animal group? So, I blocked the scammer, left the animal group, and thankfully had a cover name. I’m alive people yayyy. That was a rollercoaster but do not trust people on the internet who you have no information on!

I want to start a youtube channel:

  • So people who want to start youtube channels are usually really charismatic and funny and great. Even if they’re awkward, they’re still charismatic you know. So I’m just awkward, and I feel like I have to be extra enthusiastic to have people even watch me. But let me tell you this – when I’m in front of my Photo Booth camera, I am SO funny. I cannot tell you how many “how I brush my hair tutorials” (weird) and “skin care routines” I have done. Sometimes, I watch myself and laugh. Okay that got too real let’s back up for a second😂 But I also don’t want anyone to recognize me. But I might start one. Thank you for coming to my TED talk 🙂


There are a few pros and cons of going and online school next year. I’m feel jazzy so I’ll make a list (did I just say I feel jazzy)


  • Go to see my friends
  • Go to social events
  • Play and watch sports
  • Work on my social services/clubs
  • Get out of the house
  • Have a break from my annoying brother
  • Get my learning and academics back on track (I like the pressure😂)


  • Required to meet other people
  • Have to go to social events
  • Do more work than online school
  • Have to get out of room
  • Do tests which require memorization



Uhhhhh we’re all getting on each other’s nerves at this point😂 My brother constantly annoys me for no reason. Like he’d just come into my room and tell me I’m ugly so yay sibling goals. My mom is getting paranoid too. I was sitting on the couch and watching Brooklyn99, and she came up to me and erupted for no reason. She talked about how I was irresponsible (probably true) and lazy (again true) so that was fun. My dad is smart and spends his whole day in another room doing “work”😂


Ok all my friends are watching Gray’s Anatomy and I’m too scared because I don’t like blood. But I really want to watch it for the drama. But I’m scared of everything. One of my friends is touring Greece right now with her friends while I’m trying to figure out the maximum amount of doritos one can eat without being unhealthy. I have a problem. My crush told me I was good at the piano so I’m already planning my wedding day (you guys are all invited!)(please bring sushi).


Favorite Food: sushi, dimsum and noodles like always – and pizza too!

Favorite Movie: For this month A Beautiful Mind is so cool and I love the avengers and pursuit of happiness is niceee.

Favorite TV Show: ummm I’m trying to watch Gray’s Anatomy but my brother and I are binge watching shark tank (love Kevin). I also watched never have I ever again.

Favorite Book: I just started reading Eliza and her monsters!

Andddd that’s a wrap guys thank you so much for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it. I’m just going to repeat the announcements because I’m just that cool: comment down below assumptions about me and I might approve them or not je ne sais pas, follow @youth_for_animals, and make sure to follow @kateee5002 on instagram (you can recognzie me from the multiple e’s). I think I should start a signature for misspelling words to seem fun. #misspelltoexcel. I should stop using hashtags😂

love you guys more than pizaaaa xx

~Kate 🍭


#15 Life With Laughter: Blogger awards!!

Hey fellow humans!!!!! Today’s post might be a little different than my previous, not to mention weird, posts. I was nominated for the Happy Not Birthday Award and the Real Neat Blog Award challenge!!!!!!!! Ok ok disclaimer I literally have not done this before so I’m probably going to mess it up and accidentally nominate like… Tom Holland or something. (Maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad thing??😏/ shut up Kate everyone knows you love tom holland/im not a fangirl I promise/what is with these slashes/I’m starting a new trend/#slashes). Okay that was a rollercoaster. Anywayyyyyy I’m so excited to be doing this, and I’m sorry if I nominated someone and you don’t know me, I’m not trying to be creepy (I probably am) but I’m just nominating some people who I vaguely know, like their blog a lot, and would like to get to know better! :))) Okkkkk let’s get to this thing!

Happy Not Birthday Award

Firstly, I would like to thank Creative Girl for nominating me for this challenge. She has some great posts and also an amazing blog for poetry which you guys literally have to check out: Poetry :)))))


  1. You must list the Award logo and rules.
  2. You must thank who ever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  3. Mention the maker of the Award
  4. You can say the date of your birthday, but its optional.
  5. You must say the top three things you like to do on your birthday.
  6. You must answer the five questions your nominator asked you.
  7. Nominate 5 bloggers and provide a link to their blogs as well.
  8. Ask your nominees five questions, (preferable to do with birthdays).
  9. You can repeat questions if you want, but not all.
  10. Notify your nominees by commenting on one of their posts/pages.

Top 3 Things I do on my Birthday 🎂

  • eat cake
  • binge watch movies
  • talk to my familyy

Creative Girl’s Questions 🌟

  1. What is the best gift you’ve ever gotten for your birthday?

My mom got me a new phone which was really cool :))

2. How do you celebrate birthdays?

So I don’t go outside my house, I just stay home and order from this great Japanese restaurant (sushi is my life), and watch a lot of romantic comedies and force my family to watch them with me! (Which always gets awkward when two people start to kiss onscreen😬)

3. Do you eat cookie dough on your birthday?

Ahh I really wish! Unfortunately my dad is a huge health freak and thinks cookies and ice cream is “poison” :((

4. What would you do if you woke up on your birthday to find out that every one forgot it was your birthday?

To be honest I would forget too😂 but I would quietly make a subtle petty comment like “it feels so nice when no one cares about you,” and make them feel guilty. I’m kidding I’m kidding ahahahaha! That’s more of a thing my mom would do 😂

5. When was your best birthday?

I turned 14! (my current age :)) My friends took me out to a Chinese restaurant with bubble tea which was so fun! I mean they did started singing happy birthday in Russian accents in front of everyone, but I just sang too so no one knew they were singing for me. I guess we just looked like a bunch of crazy 14 year olds singing happy birthday in a Russian accent in a Chinese restaurant… 👍🏻

My Questions!

  1. If you were to eat a cake, any flavor you want (like seriously anything), what would it be?🍰
  2. What do you like best about your birthday?
  3. What is the best birthday you had?
  4. What is the craziest thing that’s happened to you on your birthday?
  5. This is basic but what is one or two things you would wish for on your birthday?

The Bloggers I am Nominating😁



Writer of Letters


That’s it for the Happy not Birthday Award challenge!!!


Real Neat Blog Award

Thank you so much Anna for nominating me!! Guys you have to check her blog page out it’s really amazing, follow her Instagram too (@annacolemanblog).



1. Put the award logo on your blog.

2. Answer questions asked by the person who nominated you.

3. Thank the people who nominated you, linking to their blogs. –

4. Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs; and asking them seven questions.

5. Let them know you nominated them (by commenting on their blog etc.)

Anna’s Questions

Favourite Color?

Definitely orange!

What was the best day of your life?

This is such a hard question😂 The day I was born I guess??? Wow I’m so creative

Favorite Food?

Sushi, pasta, dimsum

Favorite Sport?

I suck at it, but I love volleyball. I like swimming too!

How did you start blogging?

My friend starting blogging, and I thought it would be fun 🙂

Who is your idol?

Me. Just kidding ahahaha, my dad I think.

Favorite Band?

I don’t have one, I don’t know many musicians, but I just listen to who my friends like!

My Questions

  1. If you were to meet one celebrity, who would it be?
  2. What TV shows/movies do you watch?
  3. Dream vacation?
  4. What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?
  5. What are one of your phobias or fears?
  6. How would you describe yourself in three words?
  7. If you had one day left to live on Earth, what would you do?

The Bloggers I am Nominating👍🏻


City Girls Dance

Creative Girl

Raegan’s Full Mind


That’s all for today! I hope you guys taken part in these challenges they’re a great way to reach out to the community 🙂

Please do feel free to continue my #slash challenge it is very thought out and meaningful. Honestly slashes mean so much to me. I will marry them one day. Okay I’m really sorry if I sound weird😂 I don’t know what I’m saying I think I should get back to doing “school work”, aka sitting at staring at my very interesting wall contemplating my life.

See you guys xx,


#14 Life With Laughter: Instagram Account and Rants!! 😁

Hellaoooooo fellow humans/animals/vegetables/apes/things!!!!!!!!!!! (Yeah Kate as if you’re cool enough to have a vegetable read your content🙄).

Anyway why am I talking about vegetables. I have created an Instagram page called kateee5002 which you guys should follow because I will post there too and I can follow you back! (Totally not because I have like no followers now) I don’t even know why it’s Kate with three E’s. I think it’s just because I wanted my username to sound fun you know. Like whenever I’m commenting on my friends’ posts, I can’t just say “pretty” because that sounds like I’m jealous. I can’t say “pretty!!” or I sound surprised. I have to say “prettyyyy” to add emotion and make me seem like a cool person. I mean, most people end up thinking that I don’t know how to spell😂

Now that I have written a paragraph on how I comment on my friend’s posts instead of talking about my Instagram page, we should proceed. (I’m actually thinking of making a post on the types of different comments and what they mean because as a master of a over thinker of this type of stuff it would be pretty accurate).

OKAY VEGETABLES, let’s get to my rants! I’m not actually sure if people enjoy reading my rants because they want to read useful stuff😂, but I guess you guys can find pleasure in my random rants:

#1: French !!😡🥖

Me and French have been enemies for a long time. Since French has decided to hate me, I have decided to hate French! I used to think French was only “baguette” and “oui”, but it is so much more evil than that. Why did I continue to learn even though I suck at French? Because it’s one of the coolest sounding languages and it makes me sound exotic, which is a completely legitimate reason… Like how do people do the “r” thing, when I do it sounds like I’m gargling a frog (weird metaphor but ok). My French teacher has lived in a country that speaks English for 16 years, and he still cannot speak English properly. One time, some kid in my class taught him how to curse in English, and he did it for the whole class😬. Anyway, he hates my friend and I in his class for some weird reason, even though we’re the funniest people in the class. Once, he asked my friend what celebrity she wants to be, and she said “Matt Damon’s wife.” Ok I don’t know but I found it hilarious, and he didn’t appreciate the joke. He hates us funny people, and LOVES this girl (let’s call her Amber) for no reason. Amber is an average kid, she does her work, she uses google translate like everyone else. But when our teacher is talking to himself in class, she’s the only one who replies. THAT DOES NOT MEAN SHE IS GOOD AT FRENCH. I am getting triggered😂. Anyway so my friend teacher falls in love with Ms. Goody Two Shoes when she does nothing smart.

He asks a question, “What does this fork and plate with the earth on it represent?”

*me as an intellectual giving a response in French, “It represents the hunger around the world.”

“No,” he replies and turns to Amber. “Amberrrrrrrrr ?*gargles on frog* What do you think?”

“Um,” Amber says, “It represents how we eat the earth.”

“Exactement bravo Amberrrrr!!!” My French teacher said. *makes the whole class clap for her.

And then he accuses me for using google translate which is literally what EVERYONE in the class does. That’s why google translate was created! That is my French life! Thank you for listening💃🏻

#2: Friendss🌺

Don’t let the flower emoji fool you. My friends are going through a blood bath in terms of drama. Drama drama drama. Do not trust me in drama, I will ruin everything. I want people to like me, so I’ll tell them stuff they’re not supposed to know😂 I’ll agree with everyone because I’m scared when people disagree with me. I’ll make things a lot worse. I can’t tell you how many friends I’ve lost because of drama and how many stupid mistakes I’ve made. When my friends are trash talking one of our best friends, I stay quiet. I’m not the type to stand up to anyone, but I also don’t contribute. I let my friends shape my perspectives of the others around me, because I start to find that best friend annoying too. See, I have this friend, let’s call her Carrot because I’m hungry right now. Carrot has always been really really nice, like one of the nicest people I’ve met. She’s really sensitive. I think of her and she’s just really sweet, and she’s really pretty. Anyway, we used to be really good friends… until my other friends started to trash talk her. They said she was annoying, rude, boring, a mix of things. I didn’t say anything, but I started to notice it too! She was being a bit rude, like showing of her grades, how many sports she plays, arguing with us, saying we were rude, rolling her eyes, staring at her phone, not talking, etc. Then, Carrot told one of my friends she wanted to leave our friend group, and asked if that friend wanted to leave with her. Carrot became more interested in parties, revealing tiktoks, boyfriends, popularity and appearances. I felt like she was under pressure to be cool, so I tried to be nice to her but my friends continued to trash talk her. Now now I’m not saying I didn’t take part, because I’m guilty and I did. So there was a lot of lying, look at others messages, trash talking, toxicity, which was really tiring. In the end, we were all just teenagers who were under pressure. I realized that everyone is going through something and we need to respect that. I’m still friends with Carrot today and she’s really becoming good friends with me. We sorted out our differences besides all the drama. Yep, we get annoyed with each other, but I guess it’s going to be all right. I would give a lot more details on the drama, but I want to keep a positive atmosphere (except when it comes to talking about French😂)

So in conclusion, I have a lot of drama, thank you for reading this really long rant. If you’re having drama too, then we should suffer together! If anyone is struggling with feeling left out or anything please let me know, I have a 7 page long document of advice for that, because I love to help out my friends :)).

Also I’ve started watching Marvel now! Kind of because of Chris Hemsworth and Tom Holland because they’re like 👏🏻😂 and of course the plot is cool too. BYEEE VEGETABLESSSS THANK YOU FOR LISTENING 💞❤️


follow my Instagram! – kateee5002

#13 Life With Laughter: I am a true poet

Ok ok I know by the title I sound really cool because I’m a true poet. That’s half true because most of the time I put satisfying words together into a line that doesn’t make sense. The confuses the reader because they’re all like “this might have a deeper meaning to it omg this so amazing” when in reality I don’t know what I’m talking about.

For example take this line: “the waterfalls rippled like milk and honey for miles and miles

Yep you guys stopped there and were like woah that has a deep meaning like how letting go of your pain brings you comfort because you understand that you can control your emotions. Pretty soon kids will be writing annotations on how waterfalls represent the flow and energy of life or letting go and how honey represents warmth and comfort, and how miles and miles symbolizes something random in the Bible. The truth is, it doesn’t mean any of that but to me, that’s what poetry is about. It’s about making the reader interpret (possible overthink :)) and find their own message in the poem, because we want variety and suspense in what we do. Also to make it even more aesthetics, put your poem in italics and uncapitalize letters and play with the format, and it will look so satisfying that people will love to overthink about your poem. This smartness is what makes me a true poet.


I still love poetry and animals so much, and as I have mentioned, I have started a campaign of Zap Zoos! This campaign admits creative expression about saving animals and since you guys are so talented I wanted to share it with you. For more information about zap zoos you can look at my previous post and sign the petition!


  • Take on our Creative Expression Challenge – express your feelings about plight of animals in captivity.
  • Some ideas of creative expression include artwork, poems, essays , songs, videos, original photos, anecdotes , skits, poster, play script, dance
  • Post your creative expression on social media of your choice (Instagram, Facebook or twitter) and tag us + 3 others. Use hashtag #ZapZoos
  • If you are not on social media you can email us at zapzoos1@gmail.com  to share your work.
Follow us on any/all of these social media platforms.



You can definitely email it to me or tag or message us on any of these social media platforms! (it doesn’t have to be poetry) Email me if you have any questions.

And as for my rant on poetry, I have created a poem for this campaign below. It is in the perspective of a baby tiger cub trapped in a zoo called Born Unfree.

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 7.19.47 PM.png

I know it is very aesthetic and beautiful I did it all myself. All jokes aside, this poem really does mean something about saving animals so it really means a lot to me.

THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO THIS LONG POST please do this challenge wow look at me typing iN a mEmE fOrMaT iT iS sO cOOl ok no I actually hate when people do that you can literally hear them screaming.

bYe adios,

~ Katetetetete 🙂