#15 Life With Laughter: Blogger awards!!

Hey fellow humans!!!!! Today’s post might be a little different than my previous, not to mention weird, posts. I was nominated for the Happy Not Birthday Award and the Real Neat Blog Award challenge!!!!!!!! Ok ok disclaimer I literally have not done this before so I’m probably going to mess it up and accidentally nominate like… Tom Holland or something. (Maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad thing??😏/ shut up Kate everyone knows you love tom holland/im not a fangirl I promise/what is with these slashes/I’m starting a new trend/#slashes). Okay that was a rollercoaster. Anywayyyyyy I’m so excited to be doing this, and I’m sorry if I nominated someone and you don’t know me, I’m not trying to be creepy (I probably am) but I’m just nominating some people who I vaguely know, like their blog a lot, and would like to get to know better! :))) Okkkkk let’s get to this thing!

Happy Not Birthday Award

Firstly, I would like to thank Creative Girl for nominating me for this challenge. She has some great posts and also an amazing blog for poetry which you guys literally have to check out: Poetry :)))))


  1. You must list the Award logo and rules.
  2. You must thank who ever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  3. Mention the maker of the Award
  4. You can say the date of your birthday, but its optional.
  5. You must say the top three things you like to do on your birthday.
  6. You must answer the five questions your nominator asked you.
  7. Nominate 5 bloggers and provide a link to their blogs as well.
  8. Ask your nominees five questions, (preferable to do with birthdays).
  9. You can repeat questions if you want, but not all.
  10. Notify your nominees by commenting on one of their posts/pages.

Top 3 Things I do on my Birthday 🎂

  • eat cake
  • binge watch movies
  • talk to my familyy

Creative Girl’s Questions 🌟

  1. What is the best gift you’ve ever gotten for your birthday?

My mom got me a new phone which was really cool :))

2. How do you celebrate birthdays?

So I don’t go outside my house, I just stay home and order from this great Japanese restaurant (sushi is my life), and watch a lot of romantic comedies and force my family to watch them with me! (Which always gets awkward when two people start to kiss onscreen😬)

3. Do you eat cookie dough on your birthday?

Ahh I really wish! Unfortunately my dad is a huge health freak and thinks cookies and ice cream is “poison” :((

4. What would you do if you woke up on your birthday to find out that every one forgot it was your birthday?

To be honest I would forget too😂 but I would quietly make a subtle petty comment like “it feels so nice when no one cares about you,” and make them feel guilty. I’m kidding I’m kidding ahahahaha! That’s more of a thing my mom would do 😂

5. When was your best birthday?

I turned 14! (my current age :)) My friends took me out to a Chinese restaurant with bubble tea which was so fun! I mean they did started singing happy birthday in Russian accents in front of everyone, but I just sang too so no one knew they were singing for me. I guess we just looked like a bunch of crazy 14 year olds singing happy birthday in a Russian accent in a Chinese restaurant… 👍🏻

My Questions!

  1. If you were to eat a cake, any flavor you want (like seriously anything), what would it be?🍰
  2. What do you like best about your birthday?
  3. What is the best birthday you had?
  4. What is the craziest thing that’s happened to you on your birthday?
  5. This is basic but what is one or two things you would wish for on your birthday?

The Bloggers I am Nominating😁



Writer of Letters


That’s it for the Happy not Birthday Award challenge!!!


Real Neat Blog Award

Thank you so much Anna for nominating me!! Guys you have to check her blog page out it’s really amazing, follow her Instagram too (@annacolemanblog).



1. Put the award logo on your blog.

2. Answer questions asked by the person who nominated you.

3. Thank the people who nominated you, linking to their blogs. –

4. Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs; and asking them seven questions.

5. Let them know you nominated them (by commenting on their blog etc.)

Anna’s Questions

Favourite Color?

Definitely orange!

What was the best day of your life?

This is such a hard question😂 The day I was born I guess??? Wow I’m so creative

Favorite Food?

Sushi, pasta, dimsum

Favorite Sport?

I suck at it, but I love volleyball. I like swimming too!

How did you start blogging?

My friend starting blogging, and I thought it would be fun 🙂

Who is your idol?

Me. Just kidding ahahaha, my dad I think.

Favorite Band?

I don’t have one, I don’t know many musicians, but I just listen to who my friends like!

My Questions

  1. If you were to meet one celebrity, who would it be?
  2. What TV shows/movies do you watch?
  3. Dream vacation?
  4. What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?
  5. What are one of your phobias or fears?
  6. How would you describe yourself in three words?
  7. If you had one day left to live on Earth, what would you do?

The Bloggers I am Nominating👍🏻


City Girls Dance

Creative Girl

Raegan’s Full Mind


That’s all for today! I hope you guys taken part in these challenges they’re a great way to reach out to the community 🙂

Please do feel free to continue my #slash challenge it is very thought out and meaningful. Honestly slashes mean so much to me. I will marry them one day. Okay I’m really sorry if I sound weird😂 I don’t know what I’m saying I think I should get back to doing “school work”, aka sitting at staring at my very interesting wall contemplating my life.

See you guys xx,


#14 Life With Laughter: Instagram Account and Rants!! 😁

Hellaoooooo fellow humans/animals/vegetables/apes/things!!!!!!!!!!! (Yeah Kate as if you’re cool enough to have a vegetable read your content🙄).

Anyway why am I talking about vegetables. I have created an Instagram page called kateee5002 which you guys should follow because I will post there too and I can follow you back! (Totally not because I have like no followers now) I don’t even know why it’s Kate with three E’s. I think it’s just because I wanted my username to sound fun you know. Like whenever I’m commenting on my friends’ posts, I can’t just say “pretty” because that sounds like I’m jealous. I can’t say “pretty!!” or I sound surprised. I have to say “prettyyyy” to add emotion and make me seem like a cool person. I mean, most people end up thinking that I don’t know how to spell😂

Now that I have written a paragraph on how I comment on my friend’s posts instead of talking about my Instagram page, we should proceed. (I’m actually thinking of making a post on the types of different comments and what they mean because as a master of a over thinker of this type of stuff it would be pretty accurate).

OKAY VEGETABLES, let’s get to my rants! I’m not actually sure if people enjoy reading my rants because they want to read useful stuff😂, but I guess you guys can find pleasure in my random rants:

#1: French !!😡🥖

Me and French have been enemies for a long time. Since French has decided to hate me, I have decided to hate French! I used to think French was only “baguette” and “oui”, but it is so much more evil than that. Why did I continue to learn even though I suck at French? Because it’s one of the coolest sounding languages and it makes me sound exotic, which is a completely legitimate reason… Like how do people do the “r” thing, when I do it sounds like I’m gargling a frog (weird metaphor but ok). My French teacher has lived in a country that speaks English for 16 years, and he still cannot speak English properly. One time, some kid in my class taught him how to curse in English, and he did it for the whole class😬. Anyway, he hates my friend and I in his class for some weird reason, even though we’re the funniest people in the class. Once, he asked my friend what celebrity she wants to be, and she said “Matt Damon’s wife.” Ok I don’t know but I found it hilarious, and he didn’t appreciate the joke. He hates us funny people, and LOVES this girl (let’s call her Amber) for no reason. Amber is an average kid, she does her work, she uses google translate like everyone else. But when our teacher is talking to himself in class, she’s the only one who replies. THAT DOES NOT MEAN SHE IS GOOD AT FRENCH. I am getting triggered😂. Anyway so my friend teacher falls in love with Ms. Goody Two Shoes when she does nothing smart.

He asks a question, “What does this fork and plate with the earth on it represent?”

*me as an intellectual giving a response in French, “It represents the hunger around the world.”

“No,” he replies and turns to Amber. “Amberrrrrrrrr ?*gargles on frog* What do you think?”

“Um,” Amber says, “It represents how we eat the earth.”

“Exactement bravo Amberrrrr!!!” My French teacher said. *makes the whole class clap for her.

And then he accuses me for using google translate which is literally what EVERYONE in the class does. That’s why google translate was created! That is my French life! Thank you for listening💃🏻

#2: Friendss🌺

Don’t let the flower emoji fool you. My friends are going through a blood bath in terms of drama. Drama drama drama. Do not trust me in drama, I will ruin everything. I want people to like me, so I’ll tell them stuff they’re not supposed to know😂 I’ll agree with everyone because I’m scared when people disagree with me. I’ll make things a lot worse. I can’t tell you how many friends I’ve lost because of drama and how many stupid mistakes I’ve made. When my friends are trash talking one of our best friends, I stay quiet. I’m not the type to stand up to anyone, but I also don’t contribute. I let my friends shape my perspectives of the others around me, because I start to find that best friend annoying too. See, I have this friend, let’s call her Carrot because I’m hungry right now. Carrot has always been really really nice, like one of the nicest people I’ve met. She’s really sensitive. I think of her and she’s just really sweet, and she’s really pretty. Anyway, we used to be really good friends… until my other friends started to trash talk her. They said she was annoying, rude, boring, a mix of things. I didn’t say anything, but I started to notice it too! She was being a bit rude, like showing of her grades, how many sports she plays, arguing with us, saying we were rude, rolling her eyes, staring at her phone, not talking, etc. Then, Carrot told one of my friends she wanted to leave our friend group, and asked if that friend wanted to leave with her. Carrot became more interested in parties, revealing tiktoks, boyfriends, popularity and appearances. I felt like she was under pressure to be cool, so I tried to be nice to her but my friends continued to trash talk her. Now now I’m not saying I didn’t take part, because I’m guilty and I did. So there was a lot of lying, look at others messages, trash talking, toxicity, which was really tiring. In the end, we were all just teenagers who were under pressure. I realized that everyone is going through something and we need to respect that. I’m still friends with Carrot today and she’s really becoming good friends with me. We sorted out our differences besides all the drama. Yep, we get annoyed with each other, but I guess it’s going to be all right. I would give a lot more details on the drama, but I want to keep a positive atmosphere (except when it comes to talking about French😂)

So in conclusion, I have a lot of drama, thank you for reading this really long rant. If you’re having drama too, then we should suffer together! If anyone is struggling with feeling left out or anything please let me know, I have a 7 page long document of advice for that, because I love to help out my friends :)).

Also I’ve started watching Marvel now! Kind of because of Chris Hemsworth and Tom Holland because they’re like 👏🏻😂 and of course the plot is cool too. BYEEE VEGETABLESSSS THANK YOU FOR LISTENING 💞❤️


follow my Instagram! – kateee5002

#13 Life With Laughter: I am a true poet

Ok ok I know by the title I sound really cool because I’m a true poet. That’s half true because most of the time I put satisfying words together into a line that doesn’t make sense. The confuses the reader because they’re all like “this might have a deeper meaning to it omg this so amazing” when in reality I don’t know what I’m talking about.

For example take this line: “the waterfalls rippled like milk and honey for miles and miles

Yep you guys stopped there and were like woah that has a deep meaning like how letting go of your pain brings you comfort because you understand that you can control your emotions. Pretty soon kids will be writing annotations on how waterfalls represent the flow and energy of life or letting go and how honey represents warmth and comfort, and how miles and miles symbolizes something random in the Bible. The truth is, it doesn’t mean any of that but to me, that’s what poetry is about. It’s about making the reader interpret (possible overthink :)) and find their own message in the poem, because we want variety and suspense in what we do. Also to make it even more aesthetics, put your poem in italics and uncapitalize letters and play with the format, and it will look so satisfying that people will love to overthink about your poem. This smartness is what makes me a true poet.


I still love poetry and animals so much, and as I have mentioned, I have started a campaign of Zap Zoos! This campaign admits creative expression about saving animals and since you guys are so talented I wanted to share it with you. For more information about zap zoos you can look at my previous post and sign the petition!


  • Take on our Creative Expression Challenge – express your feelings about plight of animals in captivity.
  • Some ideas of creative expression include artwork, poems, essays , songs, videos, original photos, anecdotes , skits, poster, play script, dance
  • Post your creative expression on social media of your choice (Instagram, Facebook or twitter) and tag us + 3 others. Use hashtag #ZapZoos
  • If you are not on social media you can email us at zapzoos1@gmail.com  to share your work.
Follow us on any/all of these social media platforms.



You can definitely email it to me or tag or message us on any of these social media platforms! (it doesn’t have to be poetry) Email me if you have any questions.

And as for my rant on poetry, I have created a poem for this campaign below. It is in the perspective of a baby tiger cub trapped in a zoo called Born Unfree.

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 7.19.47 PM.png

I know it is very aesthetic and beautiful I did it all myself. All jokes aside, this poem really does mean something about saving animals so it really means a lot to me.

THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO THIS LONG POST please do this challenge wow look at me typing iN a mEmE fOrMaT iT iS sO cOOl ok no I actually hate when people do that you can literally hear them screaming.

bYe adios,

~ Katetetetete 🙂

#12 Life With Laughter: Sign This Petition for Animal Rights

Heyyy guys!! Ok ok before I started creating excuses on how busy I’ve been to get to this blog, let me just say I’ve been looking at other’s blogs and everything and you guys write such cool stuff like teach me. Anyway I’m sorry things have been so so so busy I hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy.

Now I knowwww I am a hilarious person like let’s just not deny (You’re not funny Kate) (Shut up Kate). But that 1% percent of the time when I am not funny, I like to use  that time for something serious and meaningful to society. I feel very passionate about animals and I love animals with all my heart. They give me the sense that we’re not alone in the world and they bring me comfort. That is why I have started a petition on:


Here is the small overview:



Imagine if we were trapped behind steel bars. 
Imagine if our hearts were filled with sorrow and loneliness.
Imagine if others saw us as wallpaper for entertainment.
Imagine if others found pleasure in viewing our misery.
Imagine if we lived like this forever and always.
Imagine if we were the animals living in the zoos. 

Everyone in the world now knows exactly the feeling of being in a ‘Covid induced lockdown’ – frustration, anxiousness, loneliness, basically a feeling of just outright mental and physical imprisonment, which is just wrong for human beings, right?

This is the exact emotion that animals in a zoo go through, except not for a few weeks but a lifetime; except not to save humanity from the invisible virus enemy but for the mere pleasure of human beings. This lockdown has given us the opportunity to mildly experience, maybe even feel empathy towards the hardships animals in zoos go through.

While we may justify zoos as a way for kids or adults to learn about our natural environment, the bitter truth is that the artificial habitat is just downright cruel. Long term confinement not only restricts the animals’ natural movement, but also causes neurotic behavior such as self harm, pacing in circles, not eating food and repeatedly swaying side to side.

We strongly believe that Zoos – where people find pleasure by mostly walking around, eating food, treating these suffering animals as an art gallery – are not required. In today’s high tech world experiencing wildlife at close quarters can be easily met through programs such as virtual zoos and safaris.

We petition all World Leaders and Animal Rights Organizations, to do the following:

Publicly announce 

  1. No new zoos to be opened in the future.
  2. No new animals to be inducted in any existing zoo.
  3. Close down zoos that have very low footfall.
  4. Design a Phase-out plan for existing zoos over the next few years.

Please Sign this petition if you too would like to end this circle of misery for animals.




This is such an important topic to me and it is for so many others. Even if you don’t know me, I encourage you to sign this petition and share it.

Please do it for the animals. Not for me.

The more you share this petition, the more likely it will work. I know they’re so many animal lovers out there, and by signing this petition you’re saving them 🙂


Comment down below “done” if you’ve done it!

See you soon xx,



#11 Life With Laughter: Summmmer!!!

HIIIIIIIIIIIII. Oh my god I am so sorry I haven’t been active in so long. I went through your guys’s stuff and it looks awesome! I hope your summers are going good. This summer has been crazy! The first month was ok I guess. It went by pretty slow since all I was doing was 110 minutes of math a day and watching master chef while my friends posted boomerangs of themselves on instagram! I mean I could say something like omg I was binge watching Netflix the whole summer because that sounds cool and like I don’t have time for life you know? But I didn’t binge watch Netflix because I’m not allowed to watch tv for the whole day. Even if I would I wouldn’t watch anything cool like Stranger Things or Riverdale I would watch something like Masterchef or Numbers. I’m watching the American Masterchef right now even if its worse than the Australian one. I tried watching junior Masterchef but there was no over exaggerated drama so I went back to the adult one where everyone cursed and cried for no reason. Thennnn I was off to my one long month summer math camp! I know that is really nerdy and yeah it was full of nerds.


I remember the first day when I arrived. I was asked weather I wanted to have dinner in the hall or go out with my dad and then he drops me off. I chose eating dinner at the hall. I figured I could make some new friends. I thought of myself as a person with the courage to sit with a random group of people and be able to start a conversation. Of course I overestimated my abilities. I froze when I entered the dining hall. There were groups of tables and every seat was full. I looked around for a crowd of nice nerdy looking girls I could sit with. But everyone seemed to be… cool. With their velvet scrunches and hoop earrings they were all talking. I had no idea how everyone knew each already. Maybe it was because they had people from the same place as them. Half the people were from either California or New York. I was one of the two people from India and that was pretty far away. I remember looking around helplessly but a person came up to me. She looked like a college student. She told me to sit with her so I did. I sat with her and this girl and a boy. The boy was younger and immature. The girl seemed talkative and the kind of person who didn’t care what others thought of her. They were talking about if you become deaf when you die and I had no absolute input to that conversation. I wanted to say something but I obviously didn’t.

Then we went to play a game with our councelor group and another one. As I stood there with my counselor group they were all talking about apartments in New York. One was a girl with straight black hair and the other was a girl with short messy black hair, a white dress, a denim jacket, and pink glasses. She looked young and as soon as she dabbed I classified her as a meme sort of person.

Well of course I became friends with her. Our dads talked so with the help of dad pressure we became friends. She was born in India but was Candian. I became friends with this other half Japanese girl as well who was born in Canada and lived in New York. Soon all three of us became best friends. Until one day when the candian Indian girl and I stole some food from the Japanese girl. She stopped talking to us for a week. We were sad but we took this situation and met other girls in our counselor group. It was amazing to get to know them because we got so close that all of 7 of us were like family. We even had a family photo. Eventually the Japanese girl forgave us.

As for the environment of the camp, suddenly things I thought were cool were lame. Like volleyball was stupid and badminton was popular. Wearing slides was weird and flip flops was the new fashion. Beauty was forgetful and only being smart mattered. Instagram wasn’t used and chess and cards was everything. I got sucked into this new upside down world. A lot of the people were nerds but I made great friends. I know this is a weird thing to say but the math was fun. I used to think it was just algebra and geometry. I had no idea I could use it for so many other things like cryptology, knot theory and physics.

Although I met a bunch of nerds, I think I found my crowd 🙂

Hope you had a terrific summer xx❤️


#10 Life With Laughter: Types of Friendzzz😝

Bonjourrrrrrr🥖. wOw I’m French now I can say “tu es stupide” (#thanksgoogletranslate) to all my friends without them know what that means!!😇😉.

So I’ve had a lot of friends. I know that makes me sound rly popular but if it makes you feel better 75% of them were fake so…😁. See I’m a really picky person and it’s literally impossible to be friends with me. Like sometimes I just try too hard to entertain that person it’s just TOO MUCH WORK like I have other things to do like binge watch Netflix let me live. So here are 3 types of friends that you will likely encounter from day to day. I will include scripts of my experiences so bE pRePaRed hAhAhAhAhA!😈

1#: Jealous🔥

You know when something good happens to you and you tell your friend. Their typical response should be “omg I’m so happy for you!” But this friend can never be happy for you. They are always jealous and trying to compete with you. It’s superrrrr awkward. For example…

Me: Oh my god guess what? I got the main role in the play!

Friend: Oh there were like two other people who tried out right? I heard they’re trash.

Me: Well I must have been good if I got the role…?

Friend: They told me to try out for the play. They said I would make it. They were all like “Oh my god you would totally make the main role.” Ugh so annoying

Like why are trying to take away the one good thing I have in my life away from me??? I know you’re jealous but can you just freaking be happy for me for once. OOOOOOOOF.🙄

2#: Crazy & Popular & Text

So I have this one friend who is like really nice. She’s really nice when she talks to me about personal stuff. But the moment she meets many people she suddenly becomes really funny and crazy. Everyone is always following her around and revolving around her because she’s just so exciting. And whenever she talks to me she’s like “I’m having a hard time here many people don’t like me” and then bam she’s full on popular and fun. Like where did the innocent lonely you go? And then I can’t talk to her in social gatherings because I feel like she’s too good for me and she’s going to get bored. So she’s my text friend. I never talk to her in school but she’s my best friend over text. I kinda like it that way haha.

3#: Hugggggssss😇

Ok so I hate hugs. They suck. They are super awkward and useless and weird. I have a need to satisfy people and when I hug others I feel like they get bored and it’s all my fault. I am so secure😉. Anyway so this friend is very affectionate… a little too much. She’s always touching you like kissing you on the cheek, holding your hand, falling asleep on you, hugging you and it’s just soooo ahhhh. Like this friend will just randomly jump on you and start to hug you. When they jump on you it hurts but they don’t care because they just keep kissing you. Okay I get that we’re friends but we’re not like a couple or anything. I do not want to kiss my friends. Period.


That’s it for dis post!!! My ear is hurting I think it’s from swimming. I’m team captain now yay? I have to talk to everyone now on the swim team so soooo looking forward to that.

Bye xx❤️


#9 Life With Laughter: Destiny and Chance⭐️

The walls swallowed the sorrow of the room,

The air was still,

Stubborn you could say,

To let the prisoner out.

There was a cloaked figure,

All black and dull,

Standing against the wall,

Begging to be let out.

Her name was Destiny,

She held back her tears and pushed the wall over and over again,

But the wall didn’t budge.


Finally the room felt sorry for her,

I’ll give you one chance,

It whispered.

Destiny opened her eyes and saw a tiny coin on the floor,

She kneeled down and touched the coin,

Flip it and tell me what you see on the other side, the room whispered,

And I will set you free.

Destiny tried to pick up the coin from the slippery floor,

The coin would slide around but never lift,

She would never see what was on the other side of that coin,

Her eyes stung as her tiny fingers attempted to pick the small coin,

It wouldn’t relent.



Another figure entered.

It was a colorful man who was hopping,

His name was Chance.

He smiled at Destiny,

He kneeled down and touched the coin,

Easily picking the coin up and showing the other side to Destiny.

She looked up hopefully,

But Destiny saw no difference,

She shook her head in disbelief.

And then Chance got up,

He looked disappointed,

But somehow found a door and walked out,

Leaving the coin rattling on the floor.


Destiny sat in the corner of the room,

Tears streaming down her face,

As she watched the rusty small coin,

Which was always the same for her,

Slowly fade away.

She was locked in for the rest of her life.


Hey y’all that was jus some deep stuff I wrote. My fingers are tired so I don’t want to explain what it means. Figure it out yourself😝. ANYWAY habagada folkss.


Yeet xx❤️